When Banks Say No, We Say YES!



 An unsecured line of credit is the perfect financing vehicle for any growing business to make sure you have payroll on time pay your vendors on time, or increase marketing to bring in more business. 


 A common tool used by lots and lots of companies as part of a business recovery programme, as it can help improve cash flow and also improve working capital. It typically involves a lender giving a business finance that is secured by a piece of equipment


 When you need to raise capital for your small business quickly, a merchant cash advance or MCA can be a shortcut to funding. A merchant advance is a convenient option for growing your business or sustaining cash flow. 


 Funding through traditional financing options will be composed of local and community lending institutions. They follow the traditional underwriting criteria and are more for established business owners or business 2+ years in business. 


 The microloan program provides small, short-term loans to small business concerns and certain types of non-for-profit child-care centers. Microloans at $1,000 – $50,000. Due to the economy, many entrepreneurs and small business owners have been looking for other financing program outside of Traditional Funding Sources banking model. The microloan programs provided in our database provide small, short term loans to small business concerns. 




We offer a variety of Real Estate financing products available in most states. Terms from 6-24 months. No "JUNK FEES"! Application to Funding within 10 days. No DTI restrictions, no income verification, no experience required in real estate investing. We lend on single-multi family unit residential properties, condominiums, townhouses, We DO NOT lend on rural investment properties, primary residences, or owner-occupied residential properties. 


Min Loan Amount: $75,000 

Max Loan Amount 1-4 Family: $5,000,000 

Max Loan Amount Multi Family: $20,000,000 

Term: 6 – 24 months 

Borrower Type: Business Entity 

Occupancy: Non-owner occupied only 

Minimum Interest: 3 Months 

Foreign National: By exception only 

Personal Guaranty: Required (limited or   non-recourse by exception only) 

Appraisal: As-Is & ARV required   (>$2mm require two appraisals) 

Budget Review Study: Required on Heavy Rehab and   New Construction 

Environmental Study: Required on Multi-Family loans   

Rural properties: Not allowed 

Lien Type: 1st position trust deeds and mortgages 

Borrower Liquidity: Two months bank statements to verify required borrower equity

Credit Score: >600

Bankruptcy: 24 Months

Foreclosure: 48 months


Rental Loan Our Rental360 loan program is perfect for the professional investor looking to grow their portfolio of single-family rental properties. With a full 30-year term, no balloon payments and a choice of either a 7/1 ARM or 30-year fixed interest rate structure.


Rental Portfolio Loan Our Rental360 Portfolio+ loan allows you to refinance on 3-7 properties all at once. With just one closing and one monthly payment, it’s perfect for investors looking to simplify their portfolio. This program is also available as a 7 Year ARM or 30 Year Fixed loan.


Bridge Loan Our 24 Month Interest Only Bridge loan features no prepayment penalty nor DSCR requirements. Cash out on a property while it’s on the market so you can purchase your next investment without waiting for the other to sell.


Refinance Loan

Already purchased the property? We provide refinancing options for those who purchased a property recently to those who purchased a property well over a year ago. Ask about our refinancing options that allow cash out for rehab costs.